Develop and practice skills in a secure, customised environment that mirrors your production environments

Change the way your workforce learns by enabling them to develop strong proficiencies with a library of over 2000+ virtual tech labs. Compiled and curated for every leaner’s specific goals and roles, Techademy’s practice labs puts leaners in an environment that mirrors projects that they would tackle in real-world.  

Validate technical problem-solving without breaking production environment

Mitigate any and all risk you can incur on your org systems by providing learners with strategically compiled secure environments, curated to their specific job roles.   

  • Measure baseline hands-on technical expertise and monitor skill growth improvement 
  • Develop production experience that translates into real-world expertise 
  • Troubleshoot complex scenarios to practice what you learned 

Deploy and Deliver Immersive Learning Experience on the very Technology that is being Skilled Upon.

When it comes to learning IT skills, nothing compares to hands-on training. Offer your learners a personalized, cloud-based lab environment across 1000+ technologies that enables your learners to learn by doing.  With no limitations to what they can explore, your team can practice completing tasks just like the ones they’ll be tackling on the job. 

Zero setup time. Zero Infrastructure Cost

Get quick and easy access to our sandboxed resources across a plethora of technologies. Integrate your learning content and solutions with our hands-on labs to develop tech-skill needed to support any business initiatives.  

  • Spend zero time setting up lab-environment  
  • Zero infrastructure cost  
  • No installations required, launch labs from your browser 

Virtual Tech Labs


With the decentralization of learning, we needed a comprehensive L&D solution to make sure that everyone continued receiving the same learning outcomes, regardless of location. Learn how we helped a French multinational ITES firm: 

Fast Track the Path to Tech Fluency

Sandbox Environments

Dig into live sandbox environment across technologies. No surprise bills, no scaling hassles for admins or IT teams, and no risk for production.  

Instant Coding Terminals

Launch in-browser coding terminals and swing into any instance quickly. No extentions, downloads or Port22 access required.   

Practice what is taught

Labs supplement the curriculum, so people can work things out while learning. Ideal for stand-alone consumption to sharpen up tech skills.