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Facilitating ‘Learning By Doing’ With FlexibleVirtual Labs Solution


Our client is a French Multinational Company with its presence spread across 50 countries, and has over 1.2lac employees just from India. In the last 2 years, we have worked closely with this client in providing virtual learning labs which were customized according to their needs.


The client was looking for very specific requirements in their virtual lab setups. The tech-stack, services, and support needed to be customized according to the client expectations and existing setup. Their ask was:

  • SSO: Single Sign on was must for our client. The feature helps learners to log in to the application with a single id and password.
  • Continuous Learning Labs: The company wanted labs that they can work without breakage. For example, the learner should be able to access their work at any given time during the learning period.
  • Public Cloud: Our client wanted us to integrate public cloud such as AWS, GCP, IBM, and the likes.
  • Good Support: Client was looking for good support throughout the learning programs so that none of their learners face a roadblock. Their expected TAT was 8 hours to resolve any virtual lab related issues.
  • Custom Application Build: As a large-scale enterprise operating from years, they have their own set of tools, and they wanted us to provide them with custom applications within the learning environment.
  • Reduced Cost: Given the ask, our client was looking for a good pricing module to help them reduce their spends.


Well, our years of experience and technical expertise in working with large companies helped us to keep up with our client’s demands and continuously scale up with them. Here’s how we helped our client for their virtual learning labs.


We provided the learners with single sign on options. This enables them to easily access the learning labs without any hassles.


Continuous learning labs were setup. Learners could log out, come back and continue from where they stopped.


We setup the public cloud labs for our clients and integrated our solution with their preferred cloud partner.


Customer’s expectation was 8 hours, but in the last two years all of their queries have been resolved within 2 hours


Whether it was a hardware or software application that client wanted, we gave them all that they asked for.


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure helped us reduce the overall cost by 53% compared to the market.


Well, in the last 2 years the company has seen great benefits for the learners within their organization. Initially, we had a small business unit for Big Data, but now we have over 500 learners using the virtual learning labs for it. We also have their whole IoT team making the best use of our virtual learning labs. Over time, we have also created customized labs on demand. We source the hardware, software, or any specific application that clients are looking for and make it available for them.

We don't rest until we help you solve every learning and development challenge of yours. If you need complete flexibility for your virtual tech labs, you are at the right place.