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30% Increase in learner engagement through hands-on learning powered by Virtual Labs


Our client is a French multinational IT services and consulting company which has over 250,000 employees in 50+ countries. They follow blended learning methodologies for training their employees and have been our clients for various L&D solutions for the last few years. However, as remote working started, they wanted to establish a centralized hands-on practice environment for all their L&D efforts.


As learning became decentralised, there was a need for holistic L&D processes that could ensure the same outcomes of learning for all teams across the globe. The biggest challenges were:

  • How to optimise cost for creating technology-skilling eco-systems across geographies
  • How to migrate from blended learning processes to entirely online model keeping the hands-on practice component intact


Based on various deeply insightful discussions, we came up with solutions that solve both of their challenges in a cost-efficient way. As per their specific needs, we created virtual tech labs that gives their learners customized environment with on-demand specifications and configurations.


  • Integrated tech labs with each one of their instructor-led training (with multiple local partners) initiatives happening worldwide
  • Provided on-demand configurations for every training program in a plug-n-play/ pre-provisioned model


  • Stepped up our integration to every part of the L&D process that requires hands-on learning
  • Enabled social learning by giving common access to labs


  • Scaled up to 2X learners with access to tech labs within a yea
  • Consultative approach to lab configurations basis learning objectives


  • Our client has been able to centralize their L&D efforts and standardize learning outcomes via hands-on practice on technologies learnt
  • They have been able to move from outsourced trainers to internal training
  • Improved employee engagement and retention of skills with significant cost reduction
  • Learners were able to leverage peer-based learning as the labs had common access globally

If you are looking for tech labs that can be integrated with your L&D efforts to help you centralize your employee development and give them consistent intended outcomes across multiple geographies, you are just a click away. Schedule a demo to know how we can help: