Why is practice important in tech learning and how can MakeMyLabs enable that?

Can one learn to drive a car by reading a driving manual? Reads funny, is it not? Well, the same applies to the learning of any skill, be it learning music, dance, cooking, sky diving. Practice makes perfect -this adage holds to almost every skill, most importantly what we are discussing here, tech skills. 

Theory can only give basic knowledge in the tech world, what matters most is to follow up the theory with hands-on practical learning. Learning continuity is enabled by learning experience platforms like MakeMyLabs where personalized learning paths can be integrated for the learners. The live-virtual sandbox labs can be inducted into the organization’s learning platforms and made available to the tech learners.  

The key is to provide an alternative learning infrastructure to the learner, that is parallel to his working environment. This helps him practice without interfering with the actual setup. The idea is to allow simulation of real-world problems, run the code and see and understand the outcomes. Debug, if necessary, make the required alterations in the code, and finally, apply the finished product to the actual work scenario. Having the virtual practice infrastructure comes as a boon for developers. 

Plug and play customized tech labs that allow for seamless integration with the available LMS can be utilized for unending hands-on learning and practice. The detailed reports generated automatically helps in assessing performance and identifying lacunae. Automation features like smart auto suspend and persistent labs can be made use of as and when required. Virtual Labs for hands-on learning 

like MakeMyLabs come with 24X7 support available for all time zones. The learner can chat with experts and get his doubts cleared anytime and from anywhere. A centralized dashboard can give the managers a unified overview of the resources allocated and allow them to monitor the active login sessions of their employees. In short, learning happens on the virtual learning platform without the actual involvement of teachers as was the case earlier. This is an efficient way to reduce wastage of  time and resources. Once the modules are ready, they can be successfully administered individually, to teams, or larger groups, and progress monitored through reports. The manager can intervene when required to increase decrease usage hours or modify configurations as the case may be. 

Upskilling employees is a need for all organizations. As the present scenario mandates having hands-on learning infrastructure and taking up eLearning initiatives for employees has become a necessity. Investing in learning initiatives and providing a tech learning infrastructure that provides virtual tech labs within their existing platform will maximize learning outcomes. 


With the COVID 19 pandemic, a new learning landscape has emerged. It may be called the causative factor for learning disruption. Maybe it has provided the much-needed opportunity to bring in changes in the existing system and improve it with newer methods and pedagogies. The emergence of tech labs for ensuring continuous learning and practice within organizations is here to stay. Newer models of learning should address the needs of the digital age. The virtual labs and allied tech infrastructure are the manna for the tech world. 

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