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Tech Hiring Trends for 2022: From both perspectives – Universities and IT Orgs

How Market Ready are You? 

As much as the pandemic wreaked havoc in many job sectors, it proved a blessing for the tech world. With more and more dependency on technology in almost all sectors, the demand for techies has increased tremendously. Businesses have changed their entire formats and execution hence all industries now require a technically skilled workforce. But does it mean just being computer literate? Far from it, the tech abilities are becoming more and more diverse and specific. That’s when it becomes important to know what are the roles and skills that are required for the future. Today’s learners should be ready for tomorrow’s market. What you learn in colleges should be exactly what the employer seeks from you when you join them. Hence the need arises for the preparatory stages in the institutions to be in sync with the real-world needs. 


Diving into the tech hiring for 2022 

Job locations will no more be the defining factor as remote work and distributed teams are the norm. 

Experience will count a lot in role-specific hires. 

Specialized skills will take you a long way since recruiters will ok for perfect fits. 

There is a sense o apathy towards the age-old hiring mandates like a four-year college degree. Self-taught candidates are to compete with those from elite colleges. 

Predictive People analytics metrics will be used against descriptive analytics used earlier. 

Soft skills are high on the agenda of potential recruiters.In2022 the soft skills like creativity, power of persuasion, collaborative skills, adaptability, and emotional quotient of candidates might take precedence. 

Professionally designed assessment tools will be administered by a third party for bias-free evaluation. 

Leadership roles will be offered to the young deserving talent pool. 

Part-time workers gig workers and resident entrepreneurs will be seen in action. 


Are the educational institutions preparing students on these lines? 


The future of tech jobs is known and the onus is on the candidate to make oneself job-worthy. The college from where he is passing out has a significant role to play too by providing the right opportunities to develop the required skills. 

The educational institutes can have tie-ups with tech organizations whereby the latter can cast a net for their future recruits. This followed by campus placements helps both parties. 

They need to give opportunities to learners to develop soft skills by way of classes and competitions. The virtual platform can also be used for honing these skills. 

A leadership opportunity could be provided by the management during fests and inter-school competitions, quizzes, hackathons, and the like. 

Team building exercises could be encouraged be it in the real world or while using virtual tools in developing solutions for real-world problems. 

Multitasking will be a prerequisite in the 2022 job front. Multi-tasking should be inculcated in the students while in college. 

Tech skilling should be a continuous and essential part of college days. 


The degree the candidate laboriously works for must fetch him the result in the form of a career where he can grow and fulfill his aspirations. Being in sync with the needs of the times and working towards the skill sets will set the tone for the desired outcomes. 

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