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Case Study | Facilitating ‘Learning By Doing’ With FlexibleVirtual Labs Solution

Facilitating ‘Learning By Doing’ With FlexibleVirtual Labs Solution

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The client is a Canadian multinational information technology consulting and systems integration company founded in the ‘70s. Their tech skilling programs are unique; most of the courses have very less amount of teaching/training and focus on a ‘learning by doing’ method.
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The client’s employee learning initiatives were spread globally with multiple training and tech lab partners. Their L&D initiatives were centered around a ‘learning by doing’ model which required an on-demand virtual sandbox environment that allowed experimentation. Throughout the training, the employees worked on projects that helped them gain the experience they needed. As they scaled up their learning initiatives, their needs evolved. Their biggest challenges were:
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Considering the needs of our client, we arrived at solutions that offered them the freedom and flexibility they needed in their L&D programs.
sandbox environment for software testing


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on the pace of learning

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Project Completion rates

Centralized Virtual Labs for Tech Training

Emerged as the single partner for the client in
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Our ability to customise solutions for every training need made us their trusted partner for Virtual Labs across all L&D initiatives.

We don't rest until we help you solve every learning and development challenge of yours. If you need complete flexibility for your virtual tech labs, you are at the right place.