Cloud Labs

Enterprises on cloud nine with Cloud Labs

Using Cloud Labs can often give you this feeling of being on cloud nine, literally. And, why should it not be so? They make for wonderfully simple and effective hands-on labs providing training, organizing workshops, virtual events and sales demos just to name a few.

Futuristic enterprises

In modern futuristic enterprises of today, all these and many more things are increasingly being done virtually without the need for any costly IT infrastructure. Isn’t that amazing?

Edge over others

What further gives Cloud Labs an edge over conventional systems of doing business are their ability to provide users immersive hand-on lab experiences, so learning or working is no more impeded by lack of the state-of-the-art systems and infrastructures or financial constraints.

Liked by tech giants

No wonder, all these qualities and easy solutions that Cloud Labs provide for have made a large number of global technology giants to make them their much-loved and liked companions of businesses.

Looking up to Cloud

Whether in helping manage the data deluge with minimal or no erosion in quality through tools like direct data capture (DDC), reducing burden of the company IT team, speeding up of the critical research or drug discovery works by R&D life sciences companies, modern enterprises are increasingly looking up to the cloud for help.

Integrating processes

Organizations are fast integrating their important processes to Cloud Labs for ensuring a seamless delivery of outcomes that too in a time bound manner. All these transformations are ruling out the need for external collaboration and resultant confusion, human error and corruption.

Good practices

Further, Cloud Labs ensures streamlining of certification processes and validation for smooth audit compliance. A cloud-based GxP or ‘good practices’ solution comes in handy in this exercise. It provides for ‘a robust validation package alongside good audit trails, allowing audit questions to be answered and resolved promptly and accurately.’

Easily customized, cost effective

  • Thanks to speed, mobility, rigorous security and privacy standards, Cloud Labs can be easily customized to the specific needs of users.

  • It has single sign-on, and can easily be used by any number of users from any part of the globe.
  • It provides support for any Cloud Labs including virtual, SaaS as well as physical labs. It ensures automated management of labs.
  • More significantly, when not in use it controls usage of labs to save money during idle times.
  • With Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Big Data Labs forming the core of operability, Cloud Labs are fit for all seasons, times and situations.

    Other features

  • Since its first advent as physical servers cloud labs have evolved from virtualization to its present avatar.
  • Being a SaaS-based product, Cloud Labs in fact doesn’t require any big ticket investment.
  • It operates on the simple premise of ‘create, manage, commission and decommission the lab’.
  • They are ready to use labs or tailor-made labs to work with.
  • Labs’ setup can be customized in accordance with the needs of the organisations.
  • It is fully secured and offers flexibility to incorporate organisations own policies. There is no need for fresh investment on talent to manage the Cloud Labs by virtue of its easy-to-use platform.
  • Intelligent dashboards provide a total visual depiction of the usage of labs. This total control over lab operations rules out excess spending or cost overruns.

    Cost effective

  • On an important note, there should be not an iota of doubt in anybody’s mind about the cost effectiveness of Cloud Labs.
  • The expenditure is just 10 to 20 percent of the net cost of non-Cloud Labs based operations.


  • Recognizing the cost-effective and seamless delivery mechanisms of Cloud Labs, new progressive enterprises are rapidly embracing it with all the zeal and great expectations.
  • In the process, these organizations have seen a jump in their efficiency and productivity and a quantum jump in their savings almost 90 per cent due to drastic cut in capital expenditure on infrastructure development.
  • It has been found that companies seeking to switch-over to Cloud Lab based operation systems will on an average save 15 percent of their total expenditure set aside for IT. That should be music to the ears of enterprises planning for a migration to Cloud Labs.
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