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30% Increase in learner engagement through hands-on learning powered by Virtual Labs

What was the client trying to solve?

With the decentralization of learning, we needed a comprehensive L&D solution to make sure that everyone continued receiving the same learning outcomes, regardless of location. The biggest challenges they had to address while developing a learning plan were as follows:

Creating a global learning ecosystem:

With their workforce across the globe, the client wanted to execute their L&D operations remotely. Thus, it wanted to identify the necessary technology platform to scale its development initiatives. Besides matching global learning standards, the client wanted to have a strategic partner to understand and execute its objective into a holistic upskilling plan across multiple roles for specific tech domains and competencies.

A tool to identify training needs

The most significant concern was not possessing the right tool that could help identify role-centric training needs in the organization. The company did not have the ideal methodology to deal with them. The company wanted to focus on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of its employees to nurture and strengthen them holistically. The idea was to create training and development plans that could help empower every individual in the organization by having them learn hands-on.

The Solution:

Based on various discussions, MakeMyLabs developed a solution that solves both of their challenges in a cost-efficient way. As per their specific needs, we created virtual tech labs that could be provisioned on the fly. This would allow their learners to experience their tech learning in an environment custom to their learning paths.


Creating a virtual learning environment

  • Integrated tech labs with each one of their instructor-led training (with multiple local partners) initiatives happening worldwide
  • The training program we offered came with its own pre-configured plug-n-play model.

Collaborative learning

  • Enabled social learning principles by giving shared access to labs which allowed teams to work on assignments and projects, emulating real-world scenarios.

Meeting learning objectives

  • The current competencies of the tech workforce were broken down at a team, job-role, and individual level and then matched to the company’s future goals – this forward-looking approach intended to help employees acquire the right skills to reach their full potential.

The Impact:

  • Centralize their L&D efforts and standardize learning outcomes via hands-on practice on technologies learnt.
  • They have been able to move from outsourced trainers to internal training.
  • Improved employee engagementand retention of skills with significant cost reduction.
  • With the Integration of MakeMyLabs, learners were able to engage in peer-based learning with shared access to labs globally. Our client is now able to take on more training programs per year than ever before – whether it’s induction or continuous learning for employees.

The way forward

With the successful integration of MakeMyLabs with all their L&D efforts – Using our continuous learning tools, our client is now able to do significantly more training programs per year.

 Director of Learning & Development

About MakeMyLab:

MakeMyLab swill help you simplify and improve your training with employees or new hires. You will have greater flexibility to build and deliver your course, directly engage your learners, train them in real-life scenarios and advance productivity and retention by fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Need Help With Your Learning & Development ?


We can keep writing about the smart platform and smarter reports, and how amazing the results of setting up role-specific learning paths and practice labs are, but it is nothing compared to seeing MakeMyLabs in action! Let us show you how you can leverage MakeMyLabs Learning Solutions to transform your L&D, and build world-class tech teams.

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30% Increase in learner engagement through hands-on learning powered by Virtual Labs

Virtual Training Labs for Employees
Customized Virtual Learning Labs


Our client is a French multinational IT services and consulting company which has over 250,000 employees in 50+ countries. They follow blended learning methodologies for training their employees and have been our clients for various L&D solutions for the last few years. However, as remote working started, they wanted to establish a centralized hands-on practice environment for all their L&D efforts.
Best Virtual IT Labs Software for Employees


As learning became decentralised, there was a need for holistic L&D processes that could ensure the same outcomes of learning for all teams across the globe. The biggest challenges were:
Training Labs for Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling


Based on various deeply insightful discussions, we came up with solutions that solve both of their challenges in a cost-efficient way. As per their specific needs, we created virtual tech labs that gives their learners customized environment with on-demand specifications and configurations.
sandbox environment for software testing


Virtual Training Environments for Developers


Virtual Tech labs for Training



Virtual Training Lab Environments

Training across
20+ Geographies

Sandbox Training lab for Software Development

Scaled to
2X learners within a year

virtual sandbox environment for Employee Training

Centralized all

Hands-On Tech Training for Employees

Internalising trainings
powered by Tech Labs

With the successful integration of MakeMyLabs with all their L&D efforts – Be it induction or continuous-learning for employees, our client is now able to do significantly higher training programs per year.

If you are looking for tech labs that can be integrated with your L&D efforts to help you centralize your employee development and give them consistent intended outcomes across multiple geographies, you are just a click away. Schedule a demo to know how we can help: