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Node.js 10 with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

This image features Node.js 10 on an Ubuntu 19.04 base. Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime known for its versatility and efficiency, while Ubuntu 19.04 provides a stable and up-to-date environment for your development needs.

Node.js 10 offers various benefits, including improved performance and stability, reduced memory consumption, and enhanced support for modern JavaScript features like async/await syntax. With this version, you can build web applications, APIs, and other solutions efficiently.

Ubuntu 19.04 serves as the foundation for this image, offering a lightweight and contemporary Linux distribution. It ensures your development environment is secure, easy to use, and equipped with the latest software updates and enhancements.

By combining Node.js 10 with Ubuntu 19.04, this image provides an excellent platform for your development projects, allowing you to take advantage of the latest Node.js features within a dependable and well-maintained Linux environment. Whether you’re building web applications or exploring other Node.js applications, this image simplifies the setup process and streamlines your development workflow.

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