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Node.js 10 on Ubuntu 20

This image offers Node.js 10 running on the Ubuntu 16.04 operating system, providing a versatile environment for your Node.js development projects.

Node.js 10 is a popular JavaScript runtime known for its efficiency and versatility in building web applications, APIs, and more. With this version, you can benefit from improved performance, enhanced stability, and support for modern JavaScript features like async/await syntax. It’s a reliable choice for various development tasks.

Ubuntu 16.04 serves as the base operating system, offering stability and support for your development needs. While it’s not the latest Ubuntu LTS (Long-Term Support) version, it still provides a secure and functional environment for your projects.

By combining Node.js 10 with Ubuntu 16.04, this image creates a robust platform for your development endeavors. Whether you’re working on web applications, APIs, or other Node.js-based solutions, this environment simplifies setup and allows you to harness the capabilities of Node.js while utilizing a well-established Linux distribution.

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