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NITRC LITE Computational Environment

The NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE) stands as a robust virtual computing platform meticulously configured with a multitude of neuroimaging data analysis applications. Opt for NITRC-CE Classic over NITRC-CE LITE when your work necessitates the utilization of an extensive array of system-installed software packages. This choice streamlines your workflow by saving valuable time when it comes to loading and managing versioning.

Among the software packages you can seamlessly access through NITRC-CE Classic are 3D Slicer, AFNI, ANTS, BrainSuite, CONN, Connectome Workbench, Connectome Viewer, C-PAC, DataLad, Docker, DTIPrep, FreeSurfer, FSL, gradunwarp, HCP Pipelines, HeuDiConv, LONI Pipeline Environment, MaCH, MRIcron, MRtrix, NeuroDocker, NEURON, PLINK!, Pydicom, DIPY, NiBabel, NIPY, NiPype, Singularity, SOLAR-Eclipse, SPM, and TrackVis.

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