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NICE DCV for Amazon Linux 2

NICE DCV is a superior remote streaming protocol designed for secure access to remote desktops or application sessions, including those demanding 3D graphics applications running on high-end servers equipped with powerful GPUs.

It provides users with a variety of client device options. This includes an HTML5 client for browser-based access, and native clients tailored for Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. These native clients can support up to four 4K resolution monitors, and the Windows version even offers USB redirection for 3D mice and USB storage gadgets. Furthermore, NICE DCV optimizes costs for remote Linux desktop users by allowing multiple Linux sessions to run on a single high-performance server.

Within the AWS ecosystem, NICE DCV powers the streaming protocol for services like Amazon Appstream 2.0 and AWS RoboMaker. When using NICE DCV on Amazon EC2, there are no extra charges; users only pay for the EC2 resources utilized for their operations and storage needs.

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