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NGINX Plus with NGINX App Protect WAF + DoS Premium – RHEL 7

Optimize Your Tech Stack with NGINX Solutions

Boost your technological infrastructure with NGINX Plus combined with the protective features of NGINX App Protect’s WAF and DoS. This integrated solution offers a load balancer, reverse proxy, and API Gateway, all reinforced with Layer 7 WAF and DoS shields.

Capabilities of NGINX Plus:
NGINX Plus can operate autonomously or collaborate seamlessly with AWS tools, including current load balancers, Auto Scaling sets, and AWS Lambda. This integration is designed to optimize app deployment and management costs. With NGINX Plus, you can access advanced features like API-driven session persistence and real-time health monitoring, enhancing your AWS app’s performance.

NGINX App Protect’s Security Suite:
NGINX App Protect delivers a streamlined security layer for both apps and APIs. It smoothly embeds security protocols within DevOps, promoting a security-first coding ethos. Adaptable to a range of platforms and AWS hybrid configurations, NGINX App Protect guarantees consistent protection. Its WAF and DoS modules can be positioned in strategic locations, including edge points, to fortify cloud-based apps and reduce operational hurdles.

NGINX App Protect WAF’s Extended Protection:
This WAF seamlessly weaves security into CI/CD workflows, potentially reducing the financial impact of breaches by up to 80%. It goes a step beyond the conventional OWASP Top 10, boasting a comprehensive set of threat indicators and advanced data shielding mechanisms. By meeting PCI DSS standards, it ensures you stay within regulatory bounds, preserving both your financial standing and brand reputation.

Deep Dive into NGINX App Protect DoS:
This dynamic tool harnesses the power of eBPF and XDP technologies to swiftly address Layer 7 DoS/DDoS challenges. It’s crafted to protect diverse web applications from complex DoS/DDoS threats. Leveraging machine learning, it sets standard traffic benchmarks, reducing false alarms. It proactively deploys tailored defense strategies and shares threat data across NGINX Plus units for heightened security.

Unified Security Strategy:
NGINX App Protect’s WAF and DoS modules bridge the gap between SecOps and DevOps, steering towards a forward-thinking “shift-left” or DevSecOps approach. These agile solutions offer real-time feedback mechanisms for threat management, enabling swift app development without skimping on security.

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