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NGINX Plus with NGINX App Protect DoS Premium – RHEL 8

NGINX: Unified Performance & Security
Enhance your tech stack with NGINX Plus and NGINX App Protect DoS. This integrated solution offers a streamlined load balancer, reverse proxy, and API gateway, fortified with Layer 7 DoS protection.

NGINX Plus: Flexible & Cost-Efficient
NGINX Plus functions independently or in tandem with AWS tools, optimizing app delivery and reducing costs. It boasts features like API-configured session persistence and real-time health checks, enhancing your AWS app management.

Effortless Web App Protection with NGINX App Protect DoS
Guard your web apps effortlessly with NGINX App Protect DoS. This modern security tool integrates with DevOps, offering Layer 7 DoS defense. It operates universally, ensuring uniform protection. Its versatile deployment options and SIEM tool integration offer simplicity and insights.

Dynamic Security with NGINX App Protect DoS
NGINX App Protect DoS, leveraging eBPF and XDP, provides rapid Layer 7 attack mitigation. It shields both classic and contemporary applications from intricate DoS/DDoS attacks.

Adaptive Learning & Defense
NGINX App Protect DoS uses machine learning to discern regular traffic, minimizing false positives. It auto-generates signatures for attack mitigation and adapts to evolving behaviors. Shared attack details among NGINX Plus instances offer preemptive defense.

Empowering DevSecOps with NGINX App Protect DoS
NGINX App Protect DoS bridges SecOps and DevOps, promoting a DevSecOps approach. Championing “security as code,” it ensures uniform app security automation, fostering rapid deployment without security trade-offs.

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