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NGINX Plus with NGINX App Protect Developer – Debian 11

Optimize Your Tech Stack for Peak Performance
Achieve dependable, secure, and scalable app delivery with the combined power of NGINX Plus and NGINX App Protect. This duo offers a comprehensive yet astoundingly efficient load balancer, reverse proxy, and API gateway, fortified with a WAF.

Seeking Uniformity and Excellence in App Delivery and Web Services?
NGINX Plus can function on its own or seamlessly merge with AWS offerings. It’s adept at collaborating with existing load balancers, Auto Scaling groups, and AWS Lambda, aiming to curtail your app delivery and administration expenses. NGINX Plus is laden with elite capabilities like session retention, API-based configurations, and real-time health assessments, allowing you to infuse sophisticated load balancing, vigilant monitoring, and adept management into your AWS app ecosystem.

Aspire for a Unified WAF Across Diverse Settings – From On-Site to the Cloud to Kubernetes?
Turn to NGINX App Protect. This avant-garde security solution, anchored in F5’s distinguished security prowess, delivers precisely that. Championing a “security-as-code” approach, it ensures a smooth integration into your agile and DevOps paradigms. Furthermore, it harmonizes effortlessly with NGINX Plus and NGINX Ingress Controller, fortifying your applications against an array of threats, encompassing the OWASP Top 10 and more.

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