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Nexus Repository Manager OSS for Ubuntu 18.04

Within the context of a CI/CD pipeline, a repository manager plays a critical role in storing a diverse array of artifacts essential for both the building and deployment phases. It operates as a central repository for housing and facilitating the sharing of a wide range of elements, encompassing third-party libraries as well as internally developed libraries and applications. These artifacts are instrumental in the processes of building and deploying software. Nexus Repository Manager stands out as a highly favored solution, offering comprehensive support that not only meets but also exceeds the demands of this crucial requirement. It provides compatibility with various types of artifacts, spanning from raw files to Linux-specific repository items like RPM packages and Docker images.

Moreover, a selection of software applications, including but not limited to WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, the LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring applications, has been made available. These applications are widely embraced by both system administrators and DevOps engineers due to their utility and effectiveness. Additionally, for specific Linux distributions, meticulously crafted images adhering to the rigorous standards set forth in the CIS benchmark have been introduced. These Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) have been thoughtfully designed to align with the official installation procedures. This ensures that users do not need to familiarize themselves with any custom configurations when additional setup steps are required.

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