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NetScaler VPX Premium – 200 Mbps

NetScaler, previously known as Citrix ADC, is a top-tier enterprise-level application delivery controller designed to ensure the rapid, reliable, and secure delivery of your applications. It offers the flexibility needed for deployment and pricing, allowing you to tailor it to the unique requirements of your business. By deploying NetScaler alongside the NetScaler ADM (Application Delivery Management) Service, you can take advantage of a streamlined three-stage smart deployment approach that offers several key benefits:

Machine Learning-Based Intelligent Application and Infrastructure Analytics: NetScaler ADM leverages machine learning to provide advanced analytics for both your applications and infrastructure. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize performance, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Built-in NetScaler Autoscale: The integrated NetScaler Autoscale feature ensures that your application delivery resources can automatically scale up or down in response to fluctuations in demand. This capability enables your applications to handle traffic spikes seamlessly while also optimizing resource usage during periods of lower demand.

Centralized Control and Visibility: By combining NetScaler with NetScaler ADM, you establish a single, centralized control and visibility plane that spans all your NetScaler deployments. This unified approach simplifies the management and monitoring of your application delivery infrastructure, providing you with comprehensive insights into performance and health.

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