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Nagios Core Monitoring Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Nagios® Core™ is an open-source system and network monitoring application. It is designed to monitor specified hosts and services, providing alerts when issues arise and when they are resolved.

Key Features of Nagios Core:

Powerful Monitoring Engine: Nagios Core boasts a robust monitoring engine capable of scaling to manage thousands of hosts and servers.

Comprehensive Web Dashboard: It offers a comprehensive web dashboard that provides visibility into your entire network infrastructure and monitoring data.

Network Monitoring: Nagios Core can monitor a wide range of network services such as SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, and PING, among others.

Server Monitoring: It can monitor various types of servers, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS/X, and HP-UX.

Application Monitoring: Nagios Core supports application monitoring.

AWS Monitoring: It can monitor AWS resources like EC2 instances, S3 buckets, specific AWS CloudWatch metrics, and more.

Resource Monitoring: You can monitor host resources such as processor load and disk usage.

Hierarchy Definition: Nagios Core allows you to define network host hierarchies using “parent” hosts, enabling the distinction between hosts that are down and those that are unreachable.

Alerting: It provides contact notifications when service or host problems occur and when they are resolved. Alerts can be sent via email, pager, or user-defined methods.

Event Handlers: Nagios Core allows you to define event handlers that run during service or host events, facilitating proactive problem resolution.

Log Management: It includes automatic log file rotation for efficient log management.

Redundancy Support: Nagios Core supports the implementation of redundant monitoring hosts.

Web Interface: Optionally, you can use a web interface to view the current network status, notification and problem history, log files, and more.

Nagios Core is a versatile monitoring solution that helps organizations maintain the health and performance of their IT infrastructure.

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