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MySQL on CIS Hardened Oracle Linux 7

MySQL stands as a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle, with its core functionality rooted in structured query language (SQL).

The specific image in question has been meticulously configured to align with the well-regarded recommendations found within the CIS Benchmark. The CIS Benchmarks, recognized for their impartiality in relation to vendors, represent a consensus-driven approach to establishing security configuration standards. These standards have garnered widespread acceptance across a spectrum that spans government, corporate entities, diverse industries, and academic circles. Beyond offering comprehensive security guidelines, CIS Benchmarks lay a solid foundation for adhering to multiple cybersecurity frameworks.

The underpinning CIS Benchmark that serves as the basis for this image was methodically crafted to cater to a diverse range of professionals. This audience encompasses system and application administrators, adept security specialists, diligent auditors, responsive help desk professionals, and platform deployment experts. Their collective mission revolves around the development, deployment, evaluation, and fortification of solutions that incorporate this Linux system.

Opting for an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that has undergone rigorous hardening processes, as exemplified here, translates into tangible benefits for your organization’s AWS solution. These advantages manifest as streamlined operations, cost-efficiency, and a reduction in the inherent risks associated with your AWS deployment.

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