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MySQL 8.0.23

MySQL stands as the world’s most widely used open-source database system. Whether you’re a rapidly expanding web platform, a technology ISV, or a large corporation, MySQL offers a cost-effective solution to help you deliver high-performance, scalable database applications. Its primary goal is to provide a highly reliable database management system.

Intellectual Property Statement:
This software package includes numerous copies of open-source and free software components. However, it’s important to note that Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks serve as legal protections for their original owners.

Let’s take MySQL Community Server as an example:

MySQL, including its logo and associated graphics, are recognized as servicemarks, trademarks, or registered trademarks owned by Oracle Corporation Inc.
MySQL Community Server is made available under the GPL license and benefits from the support of a vast and active community of open-source developers.

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