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MEVN Stack on Debian 11

cloudimg offers this MEVN Stack on Debian 11, providing a preconfigured image with essential system components like AWS CLI, AWS CloudWatch Agent, AWS Systems Manager Agent, Python 3, and Cloud-Init. You can find a comprehensive user guide in the Additional Resources section of this listing. Additionally, all cloudimg offerings are automatically updated with the latest packages and security updates upon first boot.

The MEVN stack is an open-source JavaScript software stack that has emerged as a modern and dynamic solution for building robust web applications. It encompasses software components for both frontend and backend development, enhancing the functionality of websites and apps. The acronym MEVN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, and Node.js.

MongoDB 5x Community Edition – This widely used NoSQL database management system offers efficient data storage and retrieval capabilities. MongoDB is renowned for its data versatility and documentation, making it a popular choice for technology projects.

Express.js – This component is employed alongside Node.js to manage server-side JavaScript responses in the MEVN stack. ExpressJS streamlines web application development, enabling faster application loading and execution.

Vue.js – Often referred to as Vue, it is an open-source JavaScript framework designed for creating user interfaces and single-page applications (SPAs).

Node.js – Working in tandem with Express, Node.js ensures efficient handling of system responses for diverse user requests. It serves as the backbone of the MEVN stack framework, offering a well-established server-side JavaScript runtime environment that effectively supports MEVN stack projects.

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