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ME Vulnerability Manager Plus Enterprise (250 Computers and single User)

ManageEngine’s Vulnerability Manager Plus serves as a comprehensive solution for threat and vulnerability management, offering protection for your widely distributed workforce regardless of scale. Its robust set of security features empowers you to:

1. Identify imminent and high-impact vulnerabilities through risk-based vulnerability assessments.
2. Automate the patching process for Windows, Mac, Linux, and more than 350 third-party applications.
3. Strengthen your systems and servers to mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities effectively.
4. Detect configuration discrepancies and misconfigurations, bringing them into compliance.
5. Access recommendations for enhancing the security of your web servers, safeguarding them against various attack vectors.
6. Locate and eliminate end-of-life, remote desktop sharing, and peer-to-peer software within your network.
7. Conduct audits on active ports to identify and address potential risks associated with malicious services.

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