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MDACA Data Flow with Keycloak

MDACA Data Flow (DF) builds upon the robust foundation of Apache NiFi with additional features and enhanced security configurations. It is tailored to meet the advanced security requirements, including those of the Department of Defense (DoD), offering an array of security features, connectors, functions, and performance optimizations. Our AWS AMI for DF includes Keycloak for top-notch enterprise security and master data management, supporting single sign-on, strong authentication, user management, fine-grained authorization, and more.

For both government and commercial organizations dealing with data from diverse sources such as legacy systems, databases, ERP, CRM, files, HTTP links, IoT data, and more, MDACA Data Flow provides an efficient solution. It streamlines data ingestion into enterprise data repositories, supporting batch and streaming ingestion from 300 different sources. With rapid development tools, it empowers developers and business analysts to create a reliable, flexible, and scalable data delivery solution for handling large datasets.

MDACA Data Flow accelerates data availability, acting as a catalyst for Big Data projects and extracting business value. It facilitates master data management, analytics, insights, AI/ML, and legacy data migration while reducing costs. Optimized for AWS, it seamlessly integrates with core AWS services like Redshift, Aurora, RDS, Lake Formation, Glue, S3, QuickSight, EMR, and SageMaker. Additionally, it easily integrates with other MDACA enterprise tools through single sign-on, providing advanced capabilities for Big Data solutions. MDACA is backed by SpinSys, an AWS Advanced Tier partner offering Professional Services support via the AWS Marketplace.

MDACA Data Flow serves as a comprehensive platform for:

1. Data acquisition, transportation, and guaranteed data delivery
2. Data-based event processing with buffering and prioritized queuing
3. Handling complex and diverse data flows
4. Providing a user-friendly visual interface for development, configuration, and control

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