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MDACA Big Data Virtualization with Keycloak

MDACA Big Data Virtualization (BDV) is a high-performance MPP Federated SQL query engine tailored for enterprise and government organizations. It offers rapid and scalable data querying capabilities, serving as a logical data layer to unify data from various sources for centralized access.

BDV excels in cross-system data queries without the need for data duplication, benefiting master data management, analytics, AI/ML, and data migration while keeping costs in check. It’s finely tuned for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and seamlessly integrates with AWS core services like Redshift, Aurora, Glue, S3, and more.

Furthermore, MDACA BDV easily integrates with other MDACA enterprise tools through single sign-on (SSO) for advanced big data solutions. It prioritizes security, optimization, and adherence to industry standards, including DoD-grade security features. MDACA, supported by AWS Advanced Tier partner SpinSys, provides professional services via AWS Marketplace to bolster big data initiatives in enterprise and government sectors.

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