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Maven-Docker-Puppet-Ubuntu 18.04

This is a bundle of three DevOps-oriented tools, including Apache Maven, Docker, and Ansible.

Ansible is an open-source automation software designed for configuring, managing, and deploying software applications on nodes without causing downtime. It accomplishes this by utilizing SSH. Ansible operates with two types of servers: controlling machines and nodes. The controlling machine, where Ansible is installed, manages nodes through SSH connections. The controlling machine defines the location of nodes through its inventory.

Docker is an open-source platform that empowers developers and system administrators to create, run, and distribute applications using containers. Containerization, which involves deploying applications within containers, has gained popularity due to its flexibility, lightweight nature, portability, loose coupling, scalability, and enhanced security.

Apache Maven is a software management and build automation platform that relies on the concept of a project object model (POM). It is commonly used for deploying Java-based projects but can also be applied to applications written in Ruby and other programming languages.

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