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MarkLogic Multi-Model Database: Enterprise Edition v. 11

MarkLogic Server serves as the resilient, adaptable, and highly secure cornerstone of the MarkLogic Data Platform. Functioning as a multi-model database, it boasts an extensive set of enterprise-level tools for data integration and management, enabling accelerated value extraction from intricate datasets.

MarkLogic Server possesses innate capabilities to store a wide range of data types, including JSON, XML, text, geospatial, and semantic data, all within a unified data platform. This unique capacity to manage and query diverse data models empowers remarkable flexibility and nimbleness when amalgamating information from disparate sources. MarkLogic stands out as the most comprehensive and capable database for driving an enterprise-level data platform.

Furthermore, MarkLogic Server is purpose-built to ensure the secure integration, meticulous tracking, and safe sharing of data throughout the integration lifecycle, culminating in its well-curated state.

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