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ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based solution designed to streamline and simplify various aspects of IT management, including Active Directory, Exchange, Skype for Business, G Suite, and Office 365. Here are some key features and functionalities:

User Provisioning: Easily provision new users across multiple platforms, making the onboarding process efficient and error-free.

User Deprovisioning: Cleanup dormant or obsolete user accounts to enhance security and reduce clutter in your IT environment.

NTFS and Share Permissions Management: Manage NTFS and share permissions effortlessly, ensuring the right users have the appropriate access to resources.

Prepackaged Reports: Access more than 150 prebuilt reports, covering various aspects like inactive or locked-out AD user accounts, Office 365 licenses, and users’ last logon times. These reports provide valuable insights into your IT environment.

Management Actions from Reports: Perform management actions directly from the reports, enabling quick and efficient remediation of issues or changes in user accounts and permissions.

Custom Workflow Automation: Create custom workflow structures to streamline ticketing processes, enhance compliance, and automate routine AD tasks, reducing manual effort.

ADManager Plus offers a centralized and user-friendly platform for IT administrators to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure effectively. It simplifies routine tasks, enhances security, and provides valuable reporting and automation capabilities.

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