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LEMP Stack on Alma Linux 8

LEMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, NGINX, MySQL, and PHP. This combination forms a reliable and high-performance stack of software for delivering web applications. Each element plays a critical role within this stack:

Linux: This serves as the operating system and is known for being a free and open-source OS that has been in existence since the mid-1990s. Today, Linux boasts a vast global user base across various industries. Its popularity stems from its flexibility and extensive configuration options, distinguishing it from other operating systems.

NGINX: As the web server component, NGINX takes on the responsibility of processing requests and delivering web assets via HTTP. This ensures that applications are accessible to users in the public domain through simple web URLs. NGINX is a lightweight yet robust alternative to the Apache web server. It is developed and maintained by an open community and is widely used, powering a substantial portion of the websites on the internet.

MySQL: Operating as the database, MySQL is an open-source relational database management system tailored for storing application data. With MySQL, data is stored in a format easily queryable using the SQL language. SQL is an excellent choice, especially for structured business domains where the intention is to translate this structure into the backend. MySQL is versatile and capable of supporting even large and complex websites.

PHP: Serving as the programming language, PHP is an open-source scripting language that collaborates with Apache to facilitate the creation of dynamic web pages. When dynamic processes, such as retrieving data from a database, are required, PHP becomes invaluable. Developers can seamlessly embed PHP code into specific parts of web pages to introduce dynamic functionality.

Preinstalled Components:

MySQL 8 Community Edition

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