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Laravel framework on Ubuntu 20.04

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Laravel stands as an open-source PHP web framework primarily utilized for constructing PHP-based web applications. Laravel accommodates a wide spectrum of application development needs, ranging from small-scale projects to enterprise-level solutions. Its graceful syntax, advanced functionalities, and robust tools collectively streamline the web application development process. Laravel excels in scalability and boasts native support for distributed cache systems.

Prominent Features and Capabilities of Laravel:

Eloquent ORM for Streamlined Database Interactions
Blade Templating Engine for Efficient Template Management
Artisan Command-Line Tool for Simplified Development Tasks
In-Built Support for Task Scheduling and Authentication Mechanisms
Advantages of Opting for Laravel:

Accelerated Development Workflow
Codebase that Emphasizes Readability and Maintainability
A Vibrant Community with Accessible Support
Inclusion of Comprehensive Built-In Tools and Libraries
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