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LAMP Stack on Amazon Linux 2023 (LTS) ARM

Apache 2.4
MariaDB 10.5
PHP 8.1
Node 18.12
NPM 8.19
Composer 2.5
HTTP/2 Enabled
Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate
Amazon Linux 2023 (LTS)
Architecture ARM64

The LAMP stack configuration presents an excellent choice for hosting and running a wide range of web projects, including platforms like Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. It combines the robust Linux operating system, the versatile Apache web server, the reliable MariaDB database, and the feature-rich PHP scripting language. This comprehensive stack ensures seamless compatibility with various web frameworks and applications, making it highly adaptable for diverse web projects.

Apache 2.4 represents the latest major version of the Apache HTTP Server, which stands as one of the world’s most widely utilized web server software solutions.

PHP 8.1 is a significant release of the PHP programming language, introducing new features and performance enhancements.

MariaDB 10.5 Server ranks among the most popular open-source relational databases, striving to serve as a seamless drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Amazon Linux 2023 (AL2023) offers a long-term support application environment that provides access to the latest innovations in Linux.

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