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LAMP Stack on Amazon Linux 2

This is a reconfigured open-source software product with associated charges for technical support and maintenance services provided

The LAMP Stack isn’t a single bundled package; rather, it constitutes a collection of open-source tools harnessed to empower web applications and websites. Each component within the LAMP Stack can operate independently to support various applications.

The LAMP Stack includes the following open-source software applications:

Linux functions as the operating system hosting the applications.
Apache is a freely available and open-source cross-platform web server.
MySQL/MariaDB is an open-source relational database management system.
PHP is a programming/scripting language used for developing web applications.
Developers commonly employ LAMP stacks to create, host, and manage web content.

Please note that the trademarks mentioned in this offering belong to their respective companies, and we do not provide commercial licenses for any of these products. Many of these products are available under free, demo, or open-source licenses, as applicable.

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