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Knowage CE 7

the comprehensive open-source suite for modern business analytics, with a particular emphasis on big data analytics and robust support for rich and multi-source data analysis. Knowage encompasses various analytics domains:

BIG DATA – Seamlessly manage large-scale data sources alongside traditional ones, effortlessly federating datasets for various analyses.

SMART INTELLIGENCE – Effectively handle conventional data sources, including the integration of multiple sources, to construct analyses such as interactive dashboards, reports, and multidimensional analyses.

ENTERPRISE REPORTING – Deliver timely information to a diverse user base, ensuring precision and providing pixel-perfect, print-ready layouts.

LOCATION INTELLIGENCE – Visualize business data on maps, spatial representations, schemas, or vector images.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Define strategic scorecards, measure and assess performance using predefined thresholds, and receive alerts for critical issues.

PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS – Utilize advanced data mining techniques for forecasting and prescriptive purposes, enabling sophisticated data processing.

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