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Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancer ADC – VLM-MAX

Elevate the availability, performance, and security of your AWS applications using Progress Kemp LoadMaster ADC.

Key Features:

Hourly usage license with no charges for traffic, connections, DNS requests, or WAF rules.
Free Trial available.
Boost Application Availability:

Enhance application availability through intelligent health checks and advanced traffic management.
Utilize adaptable load balancing algorithms and persistence options to ensure the dependable delivery of any web application.
Explore high-availability appliance deployment choices for added resilience.
Implement compression and caching of traffic.
Utilize rule-based traffic management.
Benefit from integrated GSLB (DNS-based Load Balancing) for multi-zone and multi-site resilience.
Fortify AWS Security:

Apply pre-authentication for user access to all applications.
Implement Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) policies for enhanced security.
Seamlessly integrate with leading authentication services and protocols.
Provide support for dual-factor authentication methods.
Enhance security with CAPTCHA protection for all applications to mitigate bot-based threats.
Continuous Application Protection:

Safeguard against common attacks with an integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF).
Receive ongoing updates to rules to maintain security.
Minimize automated attacks by blocking IP addresses based on country.
Optimize Cloud Service Delivery:

Streamline and secure multiple services using the LoadMaster API Gateway.
Leverage the integrated Kubernetes controller for efficient cloud service management.

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