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Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

This solution offers protection for Linux and Windows server workloads and seamlessly integrates with AWS. It provides comprehensive and immediate visibility into cloud workloads, automates the deployment and configuration of security agents, and enhances AWS’s native cloud tools with proactive cybersecurity features. These include exploit prevention, integrity monitoring, log inspection, application controls, AI-driven runtime protection, and anti-ransomware capabilities.

Key features of this solution include:

Advanced protection against the latest malware.
Cloud-assisted server protection.
Exploit prevention and defense against privilege escalation.
System hardening through Application Control.
System Integrity monitoring (File Integrity Monitoring).
Security for terminal servers.
Container protection.
Traffic security.
This solution simplifies cloud migration, supports compliance efforts, and establishes a secure DevOps environment. Additionally, its integration with other public clouds allows for a secure operating model, such as AWS+1, where infrastructure spans across multiple public cloud providers.

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