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Kafka Center

“Kafka Center is a comprehensive tool designed for managing Apache Kafka clusters and seamlessly integrating ksqlDB and Connect.

Key Features of Kafka Center:

Home: The Home feature provides an overview of all configured Kafka clusters and offers high-level monitoring information.

Topic: Utilize the Topic feature to view existing topics, request new ones, access messages, and create new records directly through the web UI.

Monitor: The Monitor feature offers real-time statistics on topic production and consumption. Users can also configure alerts, including email notifications, for specified consumption delay thresholds.

Kafka Connect: With the Kafka Connect feature, users can create and maintain their Kafka Connect jobs, provided they have an external Kafka Connect service for connection.

ksqlDB: The ksqlDB feature simplifies the creation and management of ksqlDB jobs, contingent on an external ksqlDB service for connection.

Settings: The Settings feature streamlines user and team management (accessible to administrators only). Additionally, it supports integration with external OAuth solutions for user management.

Cluster Manager: The Cluster Manager securely maintains Kafka cluster information, enabling users to access details about all Kafka clusters, including Brokers, Topics, Groups, and Monitors.

Approve: The Approve feature allows users to monitor their topic creation requests, while administrators can manage and approve these requests.

Favorites: The Favorites feature provides users with quick access to monitor statistics for their preferred topics.”

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