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JupyterHub multiple user server + GPU Support + RStudio and VSCode

“The JupyterHub AMI offers a multi-user JupyterHub setup with streamlined user management that can be deployed on various AWS EC2 instance types.

It provides users with access to AI and data science tools and resources without the need for installation or maintenance, while retaining the flexibility of managing your infrastructure independently, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Key Features:

Instantly use your JupyterHub installation without requiring SSH access for service launch.
Supports multiple integrated development environments (IDEs), including JupyterLab, Jupyter Classic Notebook, RStudio IDE, and VSCode.
Comes with various Python and R versions preinstalled and configured.
Includes a curated selection of popular open-source packages, with the option to easily add more as needed.
Offers a basic set of extensions, ensuring a clean server environment for customizable installations.
User access management follows industry-standard practices based on KeyCloak.
Supports seamless integration with external LDAP or Kerberos for user federation via KeyCloak.
Allows straightforward configuration of custom DNS for SSL termination.
Includes GPU support and multiple CUDA versions for optimal PyTorch and TensorFlow utilization.
No pricing based on RAM or CPU usage—just a small fee for the AMI, compatible with all EC2 instance types, including GPUs.
Built on Ubuntu 22.04.
Offers a free trial period.”
Please note that some details, such as Ubuntu versions, may need to be updated if not consistent with the actual software.

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