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Joomla on Ubuntu

“Running Joomla 3.9.23 on an Ubuntu platform, this setup includes MySQL Server version 8.0.22 and Apache Webserver version 2.4.41 with PHP 7.4.3. To proceed with the configuration, simply open http://YourIP in your web browser.

The application’s root directory is located at /var/www/html. For the stack’s database, a database named ‘joomladb’ with the user ‘joomlauser’ and the password ‘Passw@rd123’ has already been established. You can use this database for your stack configuration or create a new one if needed.

To access the database server at localhost, please use the command ‘mysql -u root’. Remember to change the password after your initial login.

Please note that the trademarks mentioned in this offering are owned by their respective companies.”

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