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Jenkins Agent on Windows Server 2019 Optimized for .NET Project Builds

A Jenkins Agent, sometimes referred to as the Jenkins Server’s extension, is a dedicated node assigned the task of executing build tasks scheduled by the controller. Jenkins boasts support for agents running on various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, or MacOSX.

Here, we present a Jenkins Agent optimized for Windows Server 2019, specifically tailored for building .NET projects. Take advantage of this offering to quickly deploy your own build Agent and streamline your .NET project development process.


Effortless deployment for a .NET Optimized build Agent.
Inclusion of the latest .NET SDK 5 and .NET SDK 6.
Built-in support for Docker, enabling Micro Service builds and packaging.
Key Product Features:

Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition
OpenJDK 11
NuGet Command Line
Quick Start:

Launch your new agent on Amazon EC2, ensuring you select the appropriate instance size for your projects.
Connect to your instance (RDP) and access the Web UI of the Jenkins server via your browser.
Add a new agent on Jenkins and access agent properties to retrieve the Jenkins URL and Secret Key required for agent connection.
Incorporate the details from step 3 into the file located at C:jenkinsservicejenkins-service-file.ps1.
Download the Agent.jar file from the agent properties page and save it in the following directory: C:jenkinsserviceAgent.jar.
Your agent will connect automatically after a 5-second delay (ensure your security groups permit Server and Agent traffic).
Refer to our instructional video for detailed guidance: Video Link
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