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Jaspersoft for AWS with Multi-Tenancy (Hourly)

Jaspersoft for AWS featuring Multi-Tenancy is a robust reporting and analytics server tailored for use within the AWS environment, offering the flexibility to operate independently or seamlessly integrate into your application. This comprehensive business intelligence suite empowers you to effortlessly craft and share visually appealing, interactive reports, dynamic dashboards, and engaging data visualizations. It is designed for swift connectivity to your Amazon data sources, enabling you to start analyzing your data and crafting reports in under 10 minutes.

The inclusion of Multi-Tenancy functionality provides you with precise control over user access to data, reports, and visualizations, allowing segmentation by customer and/or business unit. You have the option to deploy Jaspersoft with Multi-Tenancy either as a single instance or as a scalable cluster using CloudFormation templates to meet your specific scalability needs.

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