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iPerf3 – SpeedTest Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

iPerf3 is a tool designed for assessing and optimizing network throughput. It serves as a versatile, cross-platform solution capable of generating standardized performance measurements for diverse network environments. iPerf3 encompasses both client and server functionality, facilitating the creation of data streams to gauge throughput between two endpoints, whether in one or both directions.

The iPerf3 – SpeedTest Server on Linux CentOS Stream 8 proves highly advantageous for network administrators who require continuous monitoring of bandwidth performance. Despite its command-line interface, it excels in providing robust support for fine-tuning network configurations as needed.

Key Features of iPerf3 include:

Support for multiple simultaneous connections between client and server.
Ability to run tests for a specified duration, rather than a fixed data transfer amount.
Capability to operate the server as a daemon.
Option to bypass TCP slow-start.
Configuration of target bandwidth for both UDP and TCP.
Setting of IPv6 flow label.
Choice of congestion control algorithms.
Output in JSON format for data analysis.
Ability to perform disk read and write tests.

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