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InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition

The capabilities required for constructing intricate, mission-critical, data-intensive applications are offered by a comprehensive platform. This platform encompasses data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics, with the aim of expediting the realization of value.

Healthcare Interoperability
This platform provides an extensive set of development tools dedicated to healthcare interoperability standards, along with pre-built and customizable data transformation capabilities that seamlessly bridge the gap between modern and legacy formats, including:

HL7 V2 and HL7 V3
IHE Profiles, such as XDS.b, XCA, PIX, PDQ, and MHD
CDA/C-CDA Documents
Native FHIR Support
The platform establishes a solid foundation for the development of robust FHIR applications. Its FHIR repository boasts full read/write capabilities, enabling the reception or transmission of FHIR resources via the FHIR RESTful API in JSON or XML formats. This empowers modern applications to leverage FHIR data, whether it is newly generated or transformed from legacy systems, for purposes like patient care, quality improvement, or research.

Freedom of Choice
Featuring a multi-model architecture, this platform offers flexibility in choosing the most suitable data model for each task within your application. Additionally, it accommodates a diverse range of development languages, including native APIs for Java, .NET, and Python, providing developers with the freedom to work in their preferred language.

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