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InterSystems IRIS Community Edition

“IRIS® stands as a comprehensive, cloud-based data platform widely employed in globally significant, large-scale applications. It excels in managing high-throughput applications that necessitate concurrent handling of transactions and a diverse array of analytics, encompassing analytic SQL, business rules, and machine learning. Representing a holistic data platform, it seamlessly integrates SQL and NoSQL database management, data and application integration, and an extensive range of analytics capabilities within a user-friendly cloud-based solution. This approach expedites implementation, simplifies maintenance, and removes the necessity of relocating or duplicating data across disparate environments.

IRIS offers capabilities for both transactional and analytic processing, supporting fully synchronized data models like relational, hierarchical, object, and document types. It includes a complete interoperability platform facilitating the integration of disparate data silos and applications, coupled with advanced analytics capabilities that cater to batch and real-time use cases.

Additionally, IRIS presents an open analytics environment that allows seamless integration of sophisticated analytics from external sources into IRIS solutions. It offers flexible deployment options to accommodate various combinations of cloud and on-premises setups. Designed with a unified architecture, IRIS is versatile and supports a broad spectrum of applications and use cases. Common applications encompass business 360 with self-service for business users, customer 360, risk and compliance applications, supply chain visibility, IT/OT convergence, as well as various predictive and prescriptive analytics use cases.”

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