Prepare your students take the leap from campus to corporate

Give your students practical exposure to real-life projects and make them job-ready.
Employees with latest technologies

Complement theory with practice

Enable customized labs aligned with technical courses or your curriculum to enhance learning. Students can practice hands-on, work on projects and assignments or even build a portfolio to showcase in interviews. When theory meets practice, learning becomes holistic
readt to learn labs for upskilling and reskilling
Make learning immersive and engaging

Get students familiar with latest tools and technologies

Technical skills are sharpened only with practice. Maximize learning outcomes with focussed experiential learning via tech labs. Let your students master the latest tools and technologies by practical application through real-world scenarios, assignments, and projects.

Boost employability of your students with ready-to-learn labs

Integrate Labs with your courses or curriculum, show prompts for practice wherever needed. Make learning results-driven. Add practical skills to your students’ portfolio by mapping learning with ready-to-learn labs
create virtual sandbox environment
Hiring onboarding and deployment made easy

Prevent Learning Disruptions

Create disruption-free learning ecosystems at a minimal cost by setting up virtual labs for remote learners. Accessible from anywhere with just a click, make hands-on learning easy and hassle-free for all your learnings. Build the future of education with MakeMyLabs

Learning and Practice goes hand-in-hand

upskill reskill crossskill

Quick and easy setup of practice labs

Preconfigured environment

Alternate infrastructure with minimal cost

plug and play tech labs for every need

Make your curriculum and learning cutting-edge

Enhance learning outcomes

Give a taste of real-world problems and projects to students

Tech skills of 21 century

Get your students industry-ready

Accelerate your career

Track insights of student learning and measure training efficiency

Customize MakeMyLabs for your Institutions

Save Cost and Resources

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