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Instant deployment of SonarQube (TM)

“This is a repackaged open-source software product wherein additional charges apply for supplementary services.

SonarQube is a robust open-source tool designed to assist programmers in analyzing and enhancing their code quality.

What advantages does the hosted SonarQube deployment offer over the standard SonarQube community edition?

Managed Dashboard: With a dedicated CLI and Dashboard, you can effortlessly oversee your SonarQube application. From configuring a custom domain to monitoring your SonarQube instance, these tools grant you complete control over SonarQube management. To register for the dashboard, execute the following command in the instance’s terminal: # register.

Swift Deployment: Hosted SonarQube offers a solution for deploying SonarQube in less than 5 minutes. You can witness the simplicity of the process in the attached video.

Enhanced Security Measures: Hosted SonarQube bolsters security with best practices, incorporating built-in SSL, secure access, and guidelines for regular image updates. It ensures top-tier protection through regular scans and updates, enhancing application safety.

Optional Enhanced Support: SonarQube deployment through this platform includes an optional, affordable, high-quality support package. It encompasses cloud integration assistance and expert community input as an additional cost-effective service.

Deploy SonarQube securely with a hosted solution and elevate it from its community edition to an enterprise-level solution. Our DevOps team is always prepared to assist with any SonarQube related queries.

For inquiries about SonarQube, we’re here to provide answers.

Premium Support: Tailored for SonarQube users, this service is used by numerous companies globally. It serves as a valuable resource when you need assistance with:

– Installation: We guide you through the setup process, ensuring a seamless installation, configuration, and usage experience via calls or online chat.
– Troubleshooting: Our team assists in identifying and resolving issues, be it during installation, code-related problems, or interpreting traces and dumps.
– Known Defects & Fixes: In case of encountering a bug, we provide guidance on available corrective services and help obtain necessary patches from the open-source supplier.”

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