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Inset BI v1.1.19

“Inset BI harnesses the power of Apache Superset, a lightning-fast and user-friendly data visualization and exploration platform. Offering an array of charts, graphs, tables, and analytical tools, it caters to users of all expertise levels, enabling the creation of insightful dashboards and reports.

Key features of Inset BI include:

– Seamless connection to a vast range of datasources.
– Preconfigured integration with Accure Impulse Enterprise Data Warehouse.
– Creation of diverse visuals, from single charts to complex geo-maps, 3D visuals, and an extensive collection of graphs to represent your business analytics.
– Setting up alerts and scheduling reports for automatic delivery via email and Slack channels.
– Robust access control and row-level data security.
– Interactive querying based on SQL for an engaging user experience.”

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