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Ignition Cloud Edition

“Ignition Cloud Edition combines effective industrial software with the convenience of trusted cloud computing services. It serves as a cloud platform extension for the Standard Ignition on-premise platform. Acquired and installed through the AWS Marketplace, it’s hosted securely on AWS and billed based on usage.

Utilize the Standard Ignition platform for efficient low-code development of industrial applications like SCADA or MES and deploy scalable solutions with web-deployed industrial and mobile clients. Its supervisory capabilities enable seamless data connection, performance monitoring, process control, and customized dashboard visualization. The on-premises capabilities of Standard Ignition include integrated data acquisition tools for PLC connections, Industrial IoT utilization, and database integration.

Adding Cloud Edition offers more cloud capabilities and the ability to connect data to analytics tools like Machine Learning. Extend enterprise operations, leverage easily scalable architectures, and securely host and deploy solutions.

Ignition Cloud Edition, in combination with Standard Ignition, expands the potential of industrial operations.

Our mission is to create industrial software that facilitates turning great ideas into reality by overcoming technological and economic barriers. We developed Ignition to connect people, processes, and programs through one open, scalable platform with universal compatibility and limitless potential.”

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