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Hyperledger Indy

“This involves a reconfigured version of an open source software product with associated charges for application deployment, AMI support, and compliance. Hyperledger Indy stands as a distributed ledger designed specifically for decentralized identity management. It equips users with a toolkit, libraries, and reusable elements to establish and utilize independent digital identities anchored in blockchains or other distributed ledgers. These identities can seamlessly function across various administrative domains, applications, and diverse environments.

Given the immutable nature of distributed ledgers, careful consideration of foundational elements such as performance, scale, trust models, and privacy is crucial for ledger-based identity use cases. Privacy by design and privacy-preserving technologies play pivotal roles, especially in a public identity ledger where global-scale correlation is possible.

To address these considerations, Hyperledger Indy has devised specifications, terminology, and design patterns for decentralized identity, complemented by an implementation of these concepts that can be employed both within and beyond the Hyperledger Consortium.”

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