On-Demand Practice Labs Customised for Every Training Need

Learning meets performance here. Empower learners with hands-on experiential learning with scalable Virtual Sandbox environment of MakeMyLabs
Practice Labs Customised for Every Training Need

Skills are meant to be learnt hands-on!

This year, Happy New Skilling with smart virtual tech labs on MakeMyLabs

Introducing Learning Like Never Before!

Design sticky learning experiences by adding practice to theory. Drive a hassle-free, hands-on learning experiences personalised to the learning paths of each learner. By unifying our live-virtual sandbox labs with your learning programs, delivery of hands-on learning becomes easy, engaging, and scalable.
Customized learning labs

Explore possibilities with MakeMyLabs

Find how virtual tech labs help you add value to your learning initiatives through hands-on practice and experimentation.

Alternate Infrastructure for Learning and Practice

Give the learners alternate infrastructure that is on-par with your working environment to practice hands-on. Enable outcome-oriented practice in live environments with real-world scenarios. Impart step-by-step instructions to learn a service, practice a use case, or master the skills and technology required to make the most out of role-based, outcome-oriented training.
Learning and experimentation

Optimise Cost and Resources

Eliminate wastage of resources through MakeMyLabs’ automation capabilities. Save cost and resources as smart auto suspend and persistent features detect idle times and shuts off the virtual labs and lets the learner access them right where they left as they log in again. Upgrade or downgrade with just a click as your needs evolve. Have complete flexibility over the resources you use and pay as you use. Can it get easier than that? See for yourself.
Save Cost and Resources

Learning Assurance Enabled by World-Class Features

Hassle Free Provisioning

Hassle-Free Provisioning

Pre Configured Labs

Pre-Configured Labs

Custom Catalogues

Custom Catalogues

Integration with LMS

Integration with existing ecosystems

Centralized Dashboard

Centralized Dashboard

Scalable with a click

Scalable with a click

247 support

24X7 Support

Automation Features

Automation Features

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Automation Features


1000+ Ready-to-learn Labs

Unleash the true potential of Hands-on Learning

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