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HCL OneDB v2.0

Experience an enterprise-grade database solution that’s quick, adaptable, easily managed, and secure, available through Amazon’s AMI and managed by you.

Whether you’re embarking on your cloud-native journey or navigating a multi-cloud strategy, OneDB has the capabilities to meet all your data management needs. Harness the power of cloud-native advantages, multi-model adaptability, reliable high-performance, automated management functions, and user-friendly interfaces to cater to your application development requirements.

Effortlessly handle diverse data demands using various programming protocols like MongoDB APIs, REST APIs, and SQL APIs. Elevate your application layer’s performance with OneDB’s versatility and transactional speed. Developers can work with OneDB APIs or utilize open source drivers for Python or NodeJS, enhancing the efficiency of their projects.

HCL OneDB is your go-to solution, whether you need to optimize daily business activities with operational analytics, deploy applications in private or public clouds, work with different data types (SQL, Document data type, time-series, or spatial data), or simply enhance productivity and usability. It’s a cost-effective, robust solution that caters to all your data management requirements.

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