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HCL Informix 14.10

Empower comprehensive analytics from the edge gateway to the cloud, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, security, user-friendly experience, and cost-effectiveness.

HCL Informix 14.10, now with enhanced cloud-delivered features, offers improved speed, security, and a cutting-edge monitoring and administration tool to cater to your DevOps requirements. Explore the latest updates in HCL Informix 14.10: [link to new features].

Whether you seek to optimize daily business operations with efficient analytics, deploy applications on private or public clouds, handle sensor or meter data, or enhance productivity and usability, HCL Informix provides a robust, cost-effective solution addressing all your data management needs. HCL Informix is optimized for OLTP workloads and includes entitlement to the HCL Informix Warehouse Accelerator, delivering remarkable query acceleration through columnar, compressed, in-memory technology. InformixHQ is now integrated, allowing you to monitor, receive alerts, and administer all HCL Informix servers through an intuitive, web-based console.

In April 2023, the AMI for HCL Informix 14.10.FC10 was updated to the latest secure version of Ubuntu, incorporating various minor fixes. If you are utilizing this HCL Informix offering, you might also explore HCL OneDB on Cloud on AWS for your database needs. Feel free to reach out to us for special pricing considerations.

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